My zodiac sign is Cancer.

But I don't

consider myself crabby very often.

I am, however, a typical Cancerian domestic nester that loves cooking and reading, telling stories and entertaining. Testing recipes and writing are two of my favorite things to do. I wrote my first book at age nine, dedicating it to my four-year-old sister who couldn’t read. I don’t think I showed my “book” to anyone except my little sister. In my recollection, the reviews were great.

At least my dream of being a writer wasn’t squashed.

Throughout my early career in New York City working in corporate communications and marketing, and later while living in a few different countries, I was always writing. But it took me decades to do something that I consider meaningful with my writing. I started to blog about my life through recipes and the memories created around shared food. Writing the blog led me to sharing my food experiences through social media, which led me to independent publishing, and here I am now, sharing myself with you. 

My name is Cynthia Flick Spivey and I started the Smiling Water Group.
Thanks for stopping by to visit. I really do appreciate it.

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