My Food Baby Is Born!

Last September, in my newly empty nest,I needed a project to fill my heart with the daily inspiration that had once been my children. I started writing my recipes and related stories to organize into a book for my family and friends. And to spend time with my memories.

My inspirations - Firstborn Daughter, One and Only Son,  and Baby Girl.

The recipes piled up quickly and the stories flowed in rapid succession.  I relished re-living the underground nature of my high school cooking class, my luxurious yet dangerous life and the peasant food of Mexico, my enchanting and inspiring dinners with Julia Child, girlfriend parties in Santa Barbara (which I hope will never end), Thanksgiving traditions, working in New York City, living in Australia, and on and on. I knew the stories would amuse my children and the recipes would satisfy their palates.

But I had no idea what my little project would do for me.  At 51 years old, it finally dawned on me that I have a passion.  I have collected recipes my whole life, in every time of my life since I was 14 years old.  Recipes from my life and the people in my life.  My recipes tell my story.  My story isn’t that I am a great cook or I have amazing original recipes (although I do have quite a few).  My story, the story I want to tell through my memories and recipes, is that the sharing of meals is the reason we cook in the first place.

The meals don't have to be perfect.  Or complicated.  Or fancy.  But they should always be fun.  And if the fun is in the story behind the recipe, tell the story and share the fun with others.  Somehow the food always tastes better when you are having fun.

So I shared my stories as I wrote them.  And I was encouraged to share more. And meanwhile, I kept living new stories. My book became like a pregnancy...nine months of cooking and out came something nothing like I imagined. My book turned into a blog.

Today it begins.  Join me as I journey through my past and experience my future, all while savoring each delicious moment of the present.

"It is never too late to become the cook you could have been." - Cynthia Spivey 

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