Going Outside My Box

Last weekend I was invited (FORCED) out of my comfort zone to talk about myself and my upcoming book in front of a small group of extremely smart and accomplished friends. When I say smart and accomplished, I mean like biochemists, tech innovators and industry leaders...people way above my pay grade! The good news is that they had my best interests at heart. They weren't trying to trick me or stump me or make me look bad. They were just incredibly curious and interested in knowing more about Paleo, which was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Why, you say? Well, even though I have lived and breathed Paleo for the past three years, I am NOT a biochemist, a doctor, a nurse, or a nutritionist. I wrote my book, How To Eat Paleo (when you don't live in a cave), to introduce people to Paleo and help them get started towards improved health. I have opinions on how to make Paleo work and I want to support people in taking that first step. Giving opinions and instructions is the easy part. Talking about the details of Paleo science can get me a bit flustered, mostly because I don't trust myself with my basic knowledge. So the weekend was a great reminder that I need to speak what I know, stay calm and thoughtful, and promise to get back to people on questions that test my flustered memory.

Do you have questions about Paleo? I would love to hear from you so I can keep practicing what I know and be ready to take on the next venture outside the box of my comfort zone. I would greatly appreciate your help in making my box a little bigger!